On the importance of keeping memories

Cheerz photo album

I have written on this topic so many times I can’t even remember anymore (see what I did here?). I’ve written about how I loved scrapbooks (here), I’ve written about how I’ve learnt to hate them (here) and how to make a happy memory wall in your living room (here). Marc Riboud (a famous French photographer) once said –

‘Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second’   

And I couldn’t agree more – life is too short but also too forgetful. Today I want to show you a 21st century upgrade of the old school photo album – my newly found way of capturing memories in a whole new and incredibly sophisticated way.
As you probably already know, Cheerz (click here) is my go to photo company. The quality of their products is immense (and I ain’t even being paid to say this, ha! just saying), the paper, the print, the presentation – just everything is spot on. And they are ever so creative too – I adore my Cookie bookmarks I had done last year – they are the sweetest little thing to put in the books I’m currently reading. 
This time the team has kindly let me create a photo album. The process is simple enough – you upload, drag and drop, crop and swap and after a few minutes of playing about with the layout you’re done. A few days later and the photo album is in your hands and you’re literally crying with excitement (oh wait, that was me, not you). I can’t tell you how beautiful the packaging of the album is – it comes in a box which kinda feels like Nars packaging (you know the silicony grippy feel) and the album itself is so so beautiful (a real coffee table book material!). I put our holiday photos from 2015 in it – both from Prague and Santorini and also a few from when we did the Color Run last year. The photos looks stunning in the album, I can’t even begin to tell ya – just have a look in the pictures below! I’m definitely getting another one for our 2016 holidays at the end of this year, can’t wait to show you already – and we haven’t even been anywhere yet, haha!
What’s your favourite way of storing memories?

Cheerz photo album
Cheerz photo album
Cheerz photo album
Cheerz photo album
Cheerz photo album
Cheerz photo album

from Cityscape Bliss http://www.cityscape-bliss.com/2016/06/cheerz-photo-album-review.html

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