New products in the (self)tanning department

Tanning products 2016 review

I think it’s safe to say that summer is not happening in the UK. No summer, no EU, that’s just how we roll here, apparently. Not sure what we doing about the latter, but I can definitely tell  you what you can do about the former! There’s been a fair amount of new launches in the department of tanning and self-tanning recently – here are first impression reviews of a few of them.

Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion (£15, Boots – buy here): Vita Liberata is a luxury self-tanning brand which was the first one to create a non-toxic and organic self-tanning product. I’m not a huge fan of gradual self-tanners as it is because I can rarely see any difference but this one is okay. It’s non-offensive. A very faint scent (not sure whether I’m a fan of it to be honest), not particularly orange or yellow but as expected – it’s a gradual tan so there’s not a lot of tanning happening. 

Vita Liberata Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask (£30, Boots – buy here): I’m not even gonna try to put this nicely, sorry, I was so so excited about the concept of this, so new, so innovative and – what an utter disappoint! It smells funny, it gives me no tan whatsoever, not even a tinge of yellow. Just nothing. Meh!

St Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower (£14.50, Boots – buy here): Let’s get all the crappy products out of the way – I promise you this is the very last one. St Tropez stinks like Cookies wee on gym socks and it makes me patchy and yellow. Who thought that a fake tan could work in the shower should really think again (and this time a little harder please!)about their life purpose. In shower tan just ain’t it.

That’s So Pure Sun All in One (find out more here): These are brand new products – I’ve not come across these before, not even a similar concept. The first one is a progressive SPF in a form of dry oil. This means you spray the product on and it gives you an SPF 20, you wait for a couple of minutes, spray again and the SPF increases to SPF 30, repeat and you’re on SPF 50. A brand new products, and a brand new patent (pending). How interesting is that? The other products is an after sun which contains an ingredient called MELANUP+ – this ingredient increases production of melanin in your skin without the exposure to UV rays. Although I haven’t had a particular reason to use these in the rainy weather we’ve been having, I’ve sprayed a little and the room now smells like holiday in Hawaii. Delicious!   

 Skinny Tan Body Mousse (£21.99, Superdrug – buy here): Introduced by a couple of Essex girls, this tan is apparently booming in Australia! Recently it has been introduced in Superdrug and has received a lot of attention. Self tanning ingredients aside, it also contains skin care extracts which visibly (they say) smooth out your cellulite. Now, I do have to admit that I didn’t need to moisturise as much with this self-tan – it went on exquisitely smooth and it doesn’t have an unpleasant smell to it at all. You could definitely tell that it’s a good dark fake tan as soon as it’s applied. On my skin tone it looks just a tiny bit yellowy however my skin has a strong yellow undertone to start with. Definitely one to try if you’re looking to upgrade from the damn St Tropez horrendousness (can you tell I ain’t a fan of that?). And the mitt – oh dear, the softest thing that’s ever touched my butt – go & get it, way better than the normal ones!!

Have you tried any of the above yet?
What’s your experience?

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