Flowers & bugs

Floral Bohemian outfit inspiration

So Zara has a sale on. Hello, need I say more?
Lately I’ve been obsessing over shirt dresses – shirt dresses are life! They are the easiest piece of clothing to style, I would say probably easier than a tee & a pair of jeans even. All you need is a belt (if you’re into the potato sack trend then not even that – how convenient!) and shoes of choice. Shirt dresses look oh so hot with a pair of over the knee boots, they look elegant with a pair of ankle boots and they look super cash with a pair of Birkenstocks. You just can’t go wrong. Hereby I would like to proclaim shirt dresses the ultimate outfit for every single day of your bloody life.
I’m also extremely pleased with this Primarni handbag – not gonna lie, I’ve had it for years now. Maybe even 3 or 4 years? And it has not gotten older one bit. It’s still pretty on trend (boho here and there and everywhere) and although I’ve been wearing it pretty frequently, it doesn’t look worn at all. The good ‘ol Primarni and their top notch quality (or what it used to be, ehm). The fringe booties are from Jones Bootmaker (browse their sandal section) and they are so comfortable you wouldn’t believe. The day after I got them I wore them for a (definitely unexpected) walking tour and touch wood, not a single blister!   
Oh, and can we take a moment and appreciate the beauty that are the new Paperself tattoos? I mean, when did transfers get this cool??? Flash tattoos are so last year, right? Now it’s crawly bugs, watercolour koi fish and cats with mustaches. Cannot wait to show you them all!  
  floral shirt dress // Zara (sale)
hat // H&M
handbag // Primark
ankle boots // Jones Bootmaker (sale)
jewellery // vintage
bug tattoo // Paperself
Floral Bohemian outfit inspiration
Floral Bohemian outfit inspiration

from Cityscape Bliss

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