Lingerie & cat bumholes

NYX Lingerie review

NYX Lingerie lipsticks are the best most long lasting lip products I’ve ever tried. The shades they come are stunning and they don’t transfer even if you try. Even if you will them with all your will power. You actually have to take an oil based make-up remover to get these fuckers off.

The shades I have are Corset, Embellishment and Push-Up. Corset is described by NYX as a toffee nude – I would say it’s slightly more on the gray side of the toffee, maybe like a gone off chocolate, you know when you leave it unwrapped for a few weeks and the cocoa colour gets a tinge of grayness to it? That’s Corset. Embellishment is described as a muted purple which is what it is – again with a gray undertone to it. Push-Up is the warmest of the shades I have and is described as a brown spice pink. To me it has a touch of burnt orange to it but this can be just the colour of my lips coming through.

The texture of these lipsticks is beautiful – smooth and applies so easily. You don’t need a lip liner for these, I would even say that a lip liner could make the application more difficult. One thing you need to keep in mind when picking these up is that the colour of the product in the tube is not the colour of the product on your lips. It’s in fact very far from that – once the lipstick dries it settles and oxidizes into a very different shade – in general it’s darker, richer and with a stronger gray undertone. And it dries in such a brutal manner that your lips look like a little shriveled cat bumholie. FACT.

I love them. Do you?

from Cityscape Bliss

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