Lakers-style: Snoop Dogg’s Retirement Gift To Kobe is this Ridiculous ’66 Pontiac

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What kind of retirement gift do you get a man who’s reportedly written a check in full for a $329,000 Ferrari 458 Italia? Something unique, and with a lot of sentimental value. 

Hip-hop artist and Long Beach, California native Snoop Dogg recently did just that when he gave five-time NBA champion and recent Los Angeles Lakers retiree Kobe Bryant the keys to a custom 1966 Pontiac Parisienne convertible—a particularly nice gesture given the fact that Forbes lists Bryant as the tenth-highest-paid athlete in the world.

While Kobe certainly has the funds to go out and buy his very own classic Pontiac convertible, it’s unlikely he’d be able to find one like this. Dipped in yellow paint and wearing a purple soft top, this behemoth doesn’t just rock the Lakers colors, it is the epitome of “one-of-one.” That’s because the Doggfather commissioned an intricate mural to grace the drop top’s hood. The artwork includes a number of Lakers legends, including Kobe and—well-known Lakers fan—Snoop. The details might not be to your liking, but that’s okay—Snoop didn’t make this ’66 Parisienne to appeal to your tastes.

Fortunately, Kobe seems to be happy with his present, as the Black Mamba himself recently tweeted the below.


from Car and Driver Blog

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