Bohemian summer: Inkless ink

Paperself tattoos review

This summer is going to be a little more special on Cityscape Bliss – every Friday I’ll be bringing you a Bohemian summer post! Why Bohemian? You know how most girls want to be mermaids? Well, I’ve never felt a strong affiliation with Ariel. I was more an Esmeralda kind of girl. Dandelion chains, dirty knees, picking forest strawberries… That’s the closest a tomboy (like the 15 year old me, bless) gets to being a girly girl. I can’t even tell you how excited I am for Bohemian style being a thing now – everything gypsy inspired, vintage rings, tan and messy hair… what’s not to love about this trend?! And I’m here to make this trend stick around for as long as fashionably possible!

The very first post in the Bohemian summer series is about my favourite fairy accessory of late – flash tattoos! And don’t let the name fool you – I don’t mean the gold and silver holographic craziness that took over the world in the summer of 2015. This year’s tattoos are a whole new level of goodness! Paperself (click here) has released the most beautiful collection of transfers (can we please make it clear that flash tattoos is just a fancy name for transfers?). They are so bloody beautiful and unique! You could have seen me sporting the bug collection in an outfit post earlier this week (read here) and there will definitely be more opportunities to pull out some of the other ones too – I mean, a cat with a tashe, like, really??! And the koi fish will look absolutely stunning with a white dress, yes!

Have you fallen in love with the inkless tats yet?

Paperself tattoos review

from Cityscape Bliss


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