Overnight oats – two delicious recipes

Overnight oats recipe

As I promised two weeks ago, I’m sharing my favourite overnight oats recipes with you. Overnight oats are so easy to make and since you’re preparing them the night before it’s a fail-safe way of forcing yourself to eating breakfast.

Although overnight oats are the biggest trend of 2015/16 Pinterest, they have been around for a while. For 116 years to be precise. A doctor somewhere in the 1900s Switzerland discovered that by soaking oats and adding fruits & nuts, he managed to serve his patients loads of nutrients in a simple, effective but also delicious form. And that’s exactly what oats are – a convenient nutrient bomb served in a beautiful eye-pleasing heart-skipping form.

What do you need for my favourite overnight oats?
✓ a cup of oats
✓ a cup of yoghurt (I like the Lancashire Farm bio ones because they contain live probiotic cultures, the one I’m using here has a coconut flavour, mmm)
✓ strawberries
✓ raspberries
✓ honey
✓ Brazilian nuts (whole & ground)

And for the banana one you will need:
✓ a cup of oats & yoghurt (as per above)
✓ sliced banana
✓ walnuts 
✓ maple syrup
✓ ground cinnamon 

Take your kilner jar (I recommend one with a wide top), add a cup of oats, add a cup of yoghurt and fancify with all the good stuff! Of course you can use whatever yoghurt and fruits/nuts (or both) that you like, you can even go wild and add some superfoods such as chia seeds or hemp seeds. You can make the overnight oats a touch healthier by adding some almond milk and maybe a soya yoghurt, or you can make them naughtier by adding cocoa powder, chocolate chips and vanilla sugar. 

PS- Yerr, kilner jars are beaut but if you’re eating your breakfast on the go – on the train or in the office I do recommend you get a plastic yoghurt container because carrying a bloody glass jar with ya all day is a pain in the butt! 

Let me know if you give these a try, I love them!

Overnight oats recipe

from Cityscape Bliss http://www.cityscape-bliss.com/2016/07/overnight-oats-easy-recipe.html

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