Bohemian summer: Interview with the founders of narlaka

Narlaka founders interview

narlaka is a new fashion brand (launched in summer 2015) established by two friends – Jessica Wathen & Amy Nicholson. It’s a brand which stands for everything wanderlust, free spirit and the magic that resides within each and every girl you ever meet. Jessica & Amy describe the narlaka girl as someone who is care free, doesn’t worry what people think of her, and is just here to enjoy life in the moment. She is someone who holds her head up high, who spreads good energy, and who enjoys the journey! And it’s a shame that brands with such a strong message are few and far between – I mean, honestly what is the message behind F21 or H&M? Just sayin.

Jessica & Amy were kind enough to let me interrogate them (with a spot light desk lamp and an angry face and everything) about narlaka and all things Bohemian. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I do!

💬 narlaka features many unique pieces, what is the inspiration behind the brand?
🚺🚺 The inspiration behind the brand are a collection of things – we were inspired by the bright colours and funky prints that we came across whilst exploring South East Asia. We both also love a festival, and were massively inspired by the care free attitude of music festival goers. Festivals are a place where you can totally let loose and nobody judges you, from your dance moves to your clothes, which is why our collection features unique prints, and comfy clothes that you can have a good rave up in!

💬 Can you please tell us a little more about yourself Jessica and Amy?
🚺🚺 We met at university as we were neighbours and our friendship developed over the years. Our love for festivals lead us to spend summers of fun together, and traveling the world, which is where the idea for narlaka came about. Jess has worked in fashion since studying it at Uni, and Amy in marketing – so together we make a pretty strong team!

💬 What are your most memorable Bohemian summer experiences?
🚺🚺 It has to be last summer, when narlaka just launched. We came back from visiting Sri Lanka and India and we took the inspiration from the cultures we had experienced and spent the summer touring festivals with our clothes, spreading the word and dishing out the #narlakavibes. From Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, to Festival Number 6, Shambala to Rumbellion [and more]… we had a summer of fun, happiness, and GLITTER!

💬 If you were to visit one place this summer, where would you go? 
🚺🚺 We are always looking for places to visit which will allow us to soak up different cultures and experiences, to inspire us in our creativity. We have done so much exploring of Asia, so now that we are in London it is refreshing to immerse ourselves in our home culture.

💬 What is your star piece in collection?
🚺🚺 It is so hard to choose, but The Kate dress is a special piece. Made from a beautiful lace, it is our pricest piece. WE are reinventing the LBD – its all about the Little White Dress! The Kate is extremely verstile as you can dress it up by wearing the nude slip underneath, or dress it down and show a bit of skin.

Interviews are not something you usually see on Cityscape Bliss and I genuinely hope this has been an interesting read to you! Would you like to see more articles like this one? Let me know in the comments below please! 

A big THANK YOU goes to Jessica & Amy for the chat! 
Browse their beautiful collection HERE.

narlaka founders interview
narlaka founders interview
narlaka founders interview
All images by narlaka

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