Ford Dealers Will Need a Dedicated Clean Room to Service the GT

-Ford dealers want to sell the new GT as much you want to buy it, but if they want to service it as well, it’ll cost them. Leaked documents show that the requirements for a dealer to become a GT service center are incredibly extensive and highly specific, which isn’t entirely surprising given that the GT will be the most expensive Ford ever built.
The leaked info comes from AllFordMustangs, which recently published screenshots of the purported documents. Most notably, Ford will require dealers to have a dedicated clean room just for the GT, which only a certified technician and salesperson are allowed to be inside while the car is being serviced.

Only Ford Master Technicians will be eligible to service the GT, and they’ll be trained at Multimatic, the Canadian company tasked with building the supercar. Some complex repairs on the GT will require a representative from Multimatic to be dispatched to the dealership, while the most severe repairs will require the car to be sent to Multimatic’s Ontario facility.

Ford also specifies that dealers purchase an enclosed trailer for transporting the GT to and from the customer’s home, although the company does offer a few options as to what specific trailer to buy. Additionally, dealers will need to acquire a specific set of wheel dollies to raise the car up high enough to access its jacking points. Since the GT is constructed around a carbon fiber tub, special care must be taken in lifting the car.

Intense servicing requirements are nothing new for supercars of the GT’s caliber, but it’s funny to imagine these sorts of procedures taking place at a Ford dealer. The GT might be Ford’s tribute to the big middle finger it raised to Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966, but its sales and servicing procedure is straight out of the Ferrari playbook.

This story originally appeared on Road & Track via Autoblog.

from Car and Driver Blog

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