OMG, I got invited to a wedding!

The dread when you get invited to a wedding and you have to buy a pretty dress but you’re on a budget. Weddings should really be celebrations of love (and food) and an opportunity to meet with your family, friends and loved ones. Most of the times though they come across as selfish and demanding. The pressure of buying wedding gifts (oh, you want a new Smeg toaster, don’t you?!), spending money on getting there (yes, getting married in Cyprus is perfectly fine, don’t you worry about my plane ticket) and the worst one of all – the immense stress of shopping for a wedding guest dress.

For an upcoming wedding of a family friend I got this beautiful Quiz dress (now on sale, whaaa?!). It’s simple enough not to offend anyone (you can’t wear black, white, too lacey, red, too loudsince when have dresses become loud?), it’s floaty enough to hide your food baby and it is plain enough to wear on a date night the following weekend. What a winner! Immediately I’ve started looking forward to the wedding now the dress’s sorted, phew!

I’ve paired it with my favourite nude heels from Clarks – I’ve already said this but these are the most perfect-est nude heels I’ve ever owned. So comfortable and just the right shade of nude! And my Stella-inspired (read a knock off, oops!) chain handbag with a hint of silver. Since the dress already comes with a trendy choker, you wouldn’t really need to accessorize a whole lot but I thought I’d throw on a few gold toned pieces because I never feel complete without at least a bunch of rings.    

floral dress // Quiz (now on sale!) c/o
nude heels // Clarks
handbag // Aliexpress

Have you been to a wedding this year?
Do you find them as stressful as I do?

from Cityscape Bliss

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