Hot Pursuit: This Porsche 911 Cop Car Is Way Cooler than a Used Crown Vic


It probably started with The Blues Brothers, when Elwood Blues extols the virtues of his Dodge Monaco, recently purchased from the Mount Prospect city police auction: “It’s got a cop motor—a 440-cubic-inch plant. It’s got cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks.” After jumping a drawbridge. Since then, the notion of a used police car has enjoyed a certain cachet. But no used Ford Crown Victoria you can buy today would even approach the coolness of this Porsche 911 police cruiser, which is retired from duty in the Netherlands and is available for sale at, a Porsche specialty dealer in Islip, New York.

Brought to our attention by the good folks at, this 1983 911SC Targa still wears the orange-and-white livery of the Rijkspolitie, or Dutch National Police, and its cop-specific goodies include a blue flashing light jauntily mounted on the roll hoop, a red STOP light just above the rear bumper, and a siren, all said to be in working order. A peek inside reveals a wooden storage compartment in place of the back seat (which in a 911 could only transport the tiniest perps, anyway) and a long spindly gearshift between the front seats—extra cool.

1983 Porsche 911SC Dutch Police car

A quick internet search reveals that the Rijkspolitie General Traffic Department appears to favor Porsches, and 911 Targas particularly, which has to be a boon for recruiting. Still, we’ve never seen one in the States before. Combine that with the generally frothy prices of air-cooled 911s, and the $195,000 ask for this example seems almost reasonable. At that price, though, you might not want to jump any drawbridges.


from Car and Driver Blog

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