Busy Time at Mercedes-Benz: New AMG GT C, S-class Refresh, And More for 2017

2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S

Daimler doesn’t do modesty, and in its half-year investor report issued this week boasting big profits, the self-proclaimed “most successful premium manufacturer” broke the news on several new-model launches for 2017 and beyond.

Some of the new Mercedes-Benz models are no surprise. The E-class again will spawn a coupe and convertible, with the softtop launching later, with the company’s first light-duty pickup truck. For the lightest of off-road duties, an E-class All Terrain wagon (which we’ve previously uncovered here) will debut after the E-class coupe as the ultimate Subaru Outback. Around this time next year, the subcompact GLA crossover will get a facelift—and likely, an updated interior and electronics to echo the larger GLC—followed by a refresh for the mighty S-class. Expect all the active-safety and self-driving innovations on the new E-class sedan to migrate over, undoubtedly with a few more tricks to keep the S at the top of the heap.


Over at Mercedes-AMG, a new AMG GT C roadster will debut close to the on-sale date of the AMG GT R. An AMG GT C coupe will follow a year or more later, after the E-class convertible. Given how Mercedes has renamed many of its cars, with the last “C” designating that segment’s entry-level model (as with the SLC roadster and the GLC SUV), the GT C could be a cheaper, decontented, and restyled variant positioned below the base GT and pricier GT S.

The Smart division will bring back the ForFour in fully electric form, as well as the ForTwo EV convertible (Daimler has apparently dropped the “ED” monikers, possibly because of us). There’s no specific timeline yet for any of these 11 cars, but when the first spy shots inevitably appear, at least we’ve prepared you for the suspense.

from Car and Driver Blog http://blog.caranddriver.com/busy-time-at-mercedes-benz-new-amg-gt-c-s-class-refresh-and-more-for-2017/

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