Make Volkswagen Great Again: VW Says Three-Row SUV’s Name Will Sound “American”


Volkswagen’s two SUVs are easily misspelled and mispronounced. Is it “Twah-Reg” or “Tour-Egg”? And what’s a tiger doing getting crossed with an iguana, anyway? Now comes word from the company’s U.S. CEO that the newest mid-size SUV will have an easier, Americanized name us Americans can finally understand.

While the three-row vehicle remains officially unnamed and will be sold in most world markets, our version will have a “bullish,” unique name that won’t begin with a “T,” according to Hinrich Woebcken as quoted in Automotive News. When pressed for more, Volkswagen told us it was “still a bit early” to comment on the proposed name for its latest SUV, expected early next year.

“Two or three years ago, it would’ve been a no-go that the region decides an individual name,” Woebcken told AN. “This is already an early sign that Wolfsburg is willing to let go.”

Since there’s nothing publicly finalized, we’ll let you take a crack at your best, most American suggestions for a German-brand SUV built by Tennesseans. One of our staffers has already suggested “Taurus X” could be readily available for a modest fee.

from Car and Driver Blog

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