When a floral dress isn’t too sugary

Alice's Pig floral dress

Lately you’ve been seeing more independent brands on Cityscape Bliss which is something I’ve always striven for – there’s enough blogs with outfit inspirations from Boohoo & Asos so I really enjoy seeing something more niche every once in a while. Today’s spotlight is on Alice’s Pig! Just the name makes me chuckle – and when you click here and see their logo you might even snort with laughter (see what I did here, ha!). Jokes aside, the brand has a truly beautiful story behind it (which might leave you a little teary-eyed, I’ve warned you!) and is driven by contrasting elements and the ever-present British stylishness.    

Now because of the stark contracts the brand plays with I didn’t want to just style this stunning floral dress as a sweet girly number. I was looking for something more. Then I thought, you know what, why do floral dresses (especially those with ribbons) always imply that the girl is all innocent and lovely. So I threw on a pair of sharply cut black ankle boots, a black faux leather jacket and a black utility handbag. The dress itself is still very girly – with a mandarin collar. a petersham belt and an almost circular flowy skirt, but the contract with black leather gives it a rougher edge.

dress // Alice’s Pig (now on sale!)
boots // Public Desire
jacket // Zara
handbag // Oasis (sold out)
jewellery // vintage    

Alice's Pig floral dress
Alice's Pig floral dress
Alice's Pig floral dress

from Cityscape Bliss http://www.cityscape-bliss.com/2016/07/when-floral-dress-isnt-too-sugary.html

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