Trick Out Your Lamborghini Huracan With a New Aero and Graphics Kit


Sometimes, you may feel the need for more downforce on the Lamborghini. Other times, perhaps you just want the Lamborghini to upstage all the customized 2005 Shelby Mustangs at your local Cars and Coffee. Gosh, those guys can be annoying. That must be why Huracán owners can now ask their dealers for official bolt-on aero pieces and adhesive racing stripes.

Lamborghini just announced three new packages available through its After Sales department to compete with the third-party “enhancements” already offered by aftermarket suppliers. A matte black front splitter, side skirts, rear splitter, and fixed rear wing—with winglets and open strut towers—come together in one kit. While the wing is boss, the exposed screws on all the splitters and skirts look rather low-grade. What do they think this is, a Mercedes-AMG G63?


Another kit adds thick, double stripes along the center of the body in either matte black, gloss black, or red. The mirrors can also be wrapped in a matching color. Should you change your mind, Lamborghini says the stripes come off without damaging the paint. For certain customers, these kits will radify their Huracáns to bro-tacular Challenger Hellcat levels. We’re just smitten with the Huracán’s body as it is—and we’d sooner wait for the Huracán Superleggera that’ll back up its aggressive aero upgrades with less mass and even more power.


center lock wheelOur preferred new add-on for the standard Huracán is a set of the new center-lock wheels inspired by the Super Trofeo race cars, in full 20-inch, gloss-black glory. Don’t worry about the custom wrench required to unbolt them—Lamborghini dealers sell that, too.


from Car and Driver Blog

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