BMW Just Can’t Wait to Show off the New 2017 5-series

BMW Just Can't Wait to Show off the New 2017 5-series

BMW would like you to know that development of the next-generation 5-series sedan is coming along nicely. Scheduled to debut within the next few months, the G30 generation of Bimmer’s mid-size luxury sedan is the subject of new press release about 3D modeling technology—but the real story is the quick glimpse we have of the new 5er’s bodywork, admittedly under camouflage.

Like the spy shots we published a year and a half ago, these photos show that evolution, not revolution, is the name of the game. Translation: The new 5-series won’t look too different from the old 5-series. The car’s overall greenhouse has a similar shape as the current, F10 5-series, and the rear end features rather familiar-looking LED taillights.

There’s more change in store under the skin, as the 5-series is reportedly going on a diet. An extensive use of aluminum (and possibly carbon fiber) in the structure likely will slim things down by a few hundred pounds, a boon for increasing fuel economy and—we hope—reversing BMW’s recent trend toward duller, less involving driving dynamics. Based on what we’ve heard from BMW’s product director for the new 5-series, Johann Kistler, new calibration for the car’s electric power-steering system should provide better feel.

Under the hood, expect the new 5-series to carry BMW’s newest generation of turbocharged four-cylinder (B48) and six-cylinder (B58) engines. New model designations, likely 530i and 540i (names that bring us back to the E39 5-series), will call out the updated powertrains. The diesel inline-six currently used in the 535d probably will carry over, and a plug-in-hybrid version is in the cards as well. We’re not sure what will happen to the 550i and its 4.4-liter twin-turbo V-8; that engine is still used in the 7-series, but BMW is rumored to be working on a new 4.0-liter V-8 that could make its way into the 5-series.

As for the M5, we’re told that at least 600 horsepower will be on offer, although that car will likely debut a few months following the standard 5-series lineup—which will also include a Gran Turismo hatchback. Look for our first official look at the 5-series sedan to be before the end of this year, possibly at the 2016 Paris auto show in September.

BMW Just Can't Wait to Show off the New 2017 5-series

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