Make Tracks on Your Fridge Instead of Cooking Dinner or Whatever Else with Blipshift’s Racetrack Magnets


How often do you visit your fridge on a weekly basis, really? You go, you grab some snacks or some soda/beer, and you move on with your life. Just think of the togetherness time you’re missing out on with your food cooler! If only there were a way to draw you in for some intimate refrigerator action that involved cars … Now there is, courtesy of Blipshift’s new Formula Fridge magnet sets, which include a passel of straightaways and curves of varying radii with which you can build your own racetrack. On your fridge—or any other surface a magnet will stick to.


If this sounds like we’re shilling for Blipshift, well, we are. But the Formula Fridge sets are just that cool, just like Blipshift’s crowd-sourced T-shirt designs and other automobilia. Going on sale today, the FF set comes with 43 track pieces and 10 traffic cones. We found that number to be perfectly adequate for whipping together a mini Laguna Seca—if we squinted, it sort of looked like Mazda Raceway—a fairly long track in non-magnet form. Because our office lacks photo-worthy, light-colored surfaces on which we could have stuck the magnets (and our office fridge is a horrifying place of decay and misery no outsider should be forced to look at), we decided to stick some magnets on our long-term Mazda MX-5 Miata. To honor its Japanese heritage, we tried to arrange the FF magnets into a facsimile of Tsukuba on the Mazda’s quarter panel, to mixed effect. Why not, ahem, Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca? It wouldn’t fit on the Miata’s haunch, and the car’s hood and trunk are aluminum and we knew if we faked it, someone would call us out—most likely our testing director Don Sherman.

Anyway, so the point is this: If you have $15 and want to goof around on your fridge or give the appliance something back for once, instead of always stealing from it, then buy the Formula Fridge set. Heck, buy two so you can cover your ferric surfaces with your favorite racetracks.


from Car and Driver Blog

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