Here Are Some of the People Ford Accepted/Rejected for GT Ownership


With just 500 2017 Ford GTs up for grabs (at least initially) worldwide, it wasn’t going to be possible to walk into your nearest blue-oval dealership and pick one up, no matter how much cash you have in the bank. And now, thanks to a detailed application process and the limited run, every unit of the new GT has been spoken for. Demand was high: More than 7000 people applied to buy the $450,000-plus supercar.

One of Ford’s stated goals for its application process was to put the cars in the hands of people who would actually use them, and who would be vocal about their ownership. This makes sense: Giving the car to people with large social-media followings or access to similarly broad-reaching platforms puts the Ford brand in front of larger audiences, many of whom actually buy (regular) cars. The list of approved applicants include electronic-music star Deadmau5, baseball star and noted car enthusiast C.J. Wilson, Youtuber Shmee150 (pictured above), and Brooks from Dragtimes (pictured below). Whether or not you’re a fan of these names—or have even heard of them—they have undeniable influence.


We’ve also heard from autoevolution that Scottish singer and noted car enthusiast Amy MacDonald has received an allocation for Ford’s new flagship. Another acceptance letter was publicized on the automotive website The Truth About CarsTTAC announced that Sanjay Mehta, brother of TTAC writer Sajeev and owner of the 1977 Mercedes 450SEL 6.9 we drove for a feature a while back, was able to secure one. Other folks weren’t as lucky. Youtubers like Rob Ferretti of Super Speeders and Salomondrin were among those whose applications were denied, despite having large audiences and having owned previous-generation GTs.

BBC America

And then there are people and groups from whom we’ve heard nothing. Jay Leno devoted a segment on his television show Jay Leno’s Garage to the new car, but it’s unknown if he submitted a request to buy one. (We wouldn’t be surprised if one of the first production models shows up in his warehouse, however.) Classic Car Club Manhattan is a high-end driving club that purchases several new exotic cars each year for its members to drive, and it also owns several iconic classics, including a Gulf-liveried GT40 replica that featured prominently in its video application to get a GT. Given that Ford wants its owners to publicize their GTs, we’ll no doubt hear from more of the lucky 500 people soon.

2017 Ford GT

This story originally appeared on Road & Track.

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