Airport beauty haul

World Duty Free beauty haul

Last week I took the train to the Birmingham Airport. No, I wasn’t travelling anywhere (I wish!). Although it might have been a little disappointing there was no holiday at the end of the train journey – there was a slightly different destination to discover! I was given the opportunity to explore the newly refurbished World Duty Free store on the air-side. Everything there is so fancy shmancy – every shelf is so highly polished so you can literally see your reflection in it, the stock is extraordinarily neatly displayed and the staff is ever so kind & helpful. And all this shopping comes with tax free price tags, you know what that means? MAC lipsticks for the good ol’ day’s price of £13. Booosh!

MAC lipstick in Velvet Teddy: The lipstick that every blogger and their cat own. And also Kylie Jenner apparently. In fact it’s quite unusual that with the lack of appreciation I have for the Kardashians, I can spend hours looking up Kylie Jenner’s beauty secrets. She’s bloody flawless! Velvet Teddy is her fave, they say. So I had to have it.  

MAC blusher in Peachtwist: I’ve been after a peach-toned blusher for ages. A nice peach-toned – not a highlighter orange or a coral peach. I wanted a nice earthy peach with some summery sheen to it. The one that gives you a ’I just burnt in the sun and now I’m very very slowly turning bronze’ kind of look. And Peachtwist is exactly that. Yes!

Elie Saab Le Parfum: Do you remember the first time I featured this perfume? Well if you do then well done, you have been reading this blog for a while! It was back in 2012 (read the post here)! I can’t believe how long I’ve been in love with the fragrance for – almost 4 years! That’s longer than I’ve managed to keep any of my relationships, and that says something doesn’t it? I admit that Elie Saab is somewhat an acquired taste but if you do love rich jasmine scents then you’ll go mad for this one!

Clinique High Impact mascara: The mascara that never disappoints. I know, I know – everyone is head over heels for Benefit’s They’re Real but you know what? It does nothing for me. Just nothing. Clinique High Impact on the other hand makes my lashes black, thick and fluttery. Hurray!

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstick in 497 Intrepide: My absolutely favouritestest lipstick in the world is Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Chance. It’s the most beautiful coral shade I’ve ever seen in the most comfortable texture my lips have ever felt. Now the problem is I reckon it’s been discontinued. And I have the tiniest bit left. Bummer! In search for something similar I’ve picked up the shade Intrepide which is very similar, maybe slightly more sheer and shimmery but that’s all well with me. I haven’t given up on finding the shade Chance, not yet – one day it’ll be mine again, muhaha!

Have you picked up anything interesante at the airport lately?
A massive thank you to the World Duty Free team for inviting me over for a peruse & a little (massive!) naughty spree!

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