Holiday edit: Summer in the city

Holiday edit: Summer in the city
A week in the city of hundred spires. That’s exactly what I’m doing this week, wohoo! Even though I’ve been to Prague about million times (literally), and I even lived in the city for a couple of summers, every single time I’m coming back I get ridiculously excited – there’s so much to explore and so much to do! Last year we planned the holiday for a little later in the year – the leaves were turning yellow and you wouldn’t be able to go out in just a dress because the wind was getting a little whirly. This year we’ve planned it (touch wood) for some of the warmest days of the year – with sun up high & balmy evenings. 

Packing is always a little tricky for me – I’m not particularly good at mixin’ & matchin’ so I tend to roll out all I have on the bed, get Polyvore up and start clipping similar pieces to see whether they work together visually or not. This holiday is no exception. I’m going for two key looks this year – a sophisticated but comfy shirt dress and jeans & a tee kind of look. I’ve pulled all the above from Lyst (click here)- apart from this being an exceptionally inspirational hub of all things fashiony & stylish, it’s also a rather tempting outlet for some pre-holiday money spending. The white FCUK dress down to £91 – which is kinda pricey for a plain dress but man isn’t it a timeless piece? You will be wearing that for next 10 years. I also didn’t realize that Lyst now stocks Topshop, Oasis and CK too – some of my most favourite brands! I literally don’t leave the house without a CK bra anymore… they are just too damn comfy! And can we just take a moment and appreciate the beauty of the new studded Chloe bag? Yes, yes, I – want – you

Well, enough of inspiration for tonight, I’m off to pack the last bits & then wheheeee – off to Prague!!
Have a lovely week & we’ll catch up in a 10 days’ time!

from Cityscape Bliss

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