2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Spied in Europe from the Hatch Forward

2017 Honda Civic hatchback

Honda is steadily fleshing out its new 10th-generation Civic lineup, first introducing the model in sedan form before quickly adding a two-door coupe. Next up? A four-door hatchback, which was “revealed” in the form of a thinly disguised concept car at this year’ Geneva auto show in March, and is due out in the next few months as a 2017 model. We haven’t seen the production Honda Civic hatchback—at least we hadn’t, until an Autocar.co.uk reader sent that publication photos of the new Civic hatch completely undisguised, riding on the back of a car transporter in Europe.

Although we can really only see the car’s rear end in the photo, that’s pretty much the only aspect unique to the Civic hatch. The front half of the vehicle is largely expected to copy the look already used on the Civic sedan and coupe. Happily, the production model takes after the concept car Honda showed off earlier this year, with an angular, sculpted rear with bulging fenders and a spoiler integrated into the taillight assemblies. We’ll let you decide whether the giant pseudo vents in the bumper are cool-looking or gauche, but no one will be mistaking the Civic hatchback from the compact hatchback sold by Chevrolet, Ford, Volkswagen, or Mazda. Best of all, as promised by Honda, the hatchback will make its way to the U.S. with the option of pairing the Civic’s optional turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine with a manual transmission, a combination we’re very much looking forward to, and one that will also be offered in the 2017 Civic sedan and coupe.

from Car and Driver Blog http://blog.caranddriver.com/2017-honda-civic-hatchback-spied-in-europe-from-the-hatch-forward/

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