Hail to “The Beast”: Hillary or Donald’s New Presidential Limo Caught Testing!


In the midst of this contentious election season, there’s one thing that all Americans can agree on: Our next president deserves a new limo. OK, maybe not. But he or she will be getting one, and it’s currently undergoing testing, during which these spy pictures were shot.

Like the current presidential limo, the new one is being supplied by General Motors, and rides on a heavy-duty truck platform—not too surprising, given that it’s bulletproof, bombproof, and possessing of other security features the Secret Service doesn’t want to talk about. Today’s limo, nicknamed “The Beast”, attempts to disguise its truck underpinnings with a design that borrows from the now-discontinued Cadillac DTS sedan, but the Beast 2.0 ups the style quotient with a front-end treatment taken from the latest Escalade, even if it still shows a vestigial trunk.

Cadillac Presidential Limousine (spy photo)

The current presidential limo was new for 2009, and it carried President Obama to his first inauguration. It’s not known whether the new version will arrive in time for the swearing in of POTUS 45, or whether the newly elected leader of the free world will have to suffer the indignity of a hand-me-down company car, while he or she awaits delivery of their brand-new Beast.


from Car and Driver Blog http://blog.caranddriver.com/hail-to-the-beast-hillary-or-donalds-new-presidential-limo-caught-testing/

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