Fiat Offers Free Track Days to Buyers of 500 and 124 Spider Abarths

FIAT brand’s Abarth models, including the all-new 124 Spider A

While a Fiat track day may not match the excitement of some other manufacturer-affiliated programs, it’s still a thrill to race one for free.

New purchasers and lessees of a 500 Abarth or 124 Spider Abarth can now get a free two-day track and road drive at the Bondurant Racing School in Chandler, Arizona. All of the cars wear Bondurant’s signature black and yellow livery, and like all good factory track programs, none of the cars that’ll get hammered on, scraped, and otherwise beat up belong to the customers. So, if you’ve wanted to slalom, skid, autocross, and feel how quick these little turbo Fiats really are without worrying about police, Bondurant’s the place. On the second day, the Abarth convoy leaves the track for a 180-plus-mile scenic jaunt outside Phoenix.

Fiat won’t pay for transportation or lodging, and owners and lessees have just a year from their sale date to claim their spot (the offer is also extended to 500 Abarth owners who’ve had their car for less than 12 months). Unlike Fiat’s previous Abarth track days, which involved a handful of dates at circuits across the country, the Bondurant Abarth program will be year-round for the foreseeable future starting in November. Bondurant doesn’t have pricing for the program, which it also will offer to anyone who sees the track’s Challenger 392, Hellcat, and Viper ACR lineup and says, “I’ll pass.”

from Car and Driver Blog

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