The Finest in Automotive Folly! 2016 Concours d’LeMons [Gallery]

We’d be disappointed by any LeMons that did not have a Chevy Vega. Luckily, this one did not disappoint. (Note the Before-and-After detailing.)For the profile picture of this ’74 Vega woody, we naturally chose the Before side.An Edsel is another LeMons must. This is the rarely seen 1960 version.This Ranger coupe’s vanity plate: EDSEL X. Vanity, thy name is Edsel.A Corvair is another staple on the LeMons show circuit.Still, this owner did not take his car’s awfulness for granted, with gifts and a nice note for the judges—just like you’d leave for Santa.A 1965 Chrysler Town & Country wagon had a full picnic spread out front—and also something special out back.A popup camper! The Coleman camper was named “Sleepy Time.”Representing GM’s J-cars, a 1987 Chevy Cavalier.According to the sticker in the window, this particularly Cavalier is a veteran of the Hot Rod Power Tour—no surprise, since it is a Z24.The Ford Country Squire: for many a reminder of their cheesy, 1970s childhood.Just like mom’s, this one’s a dualie.AMCs are a LeMons staple. Pacers, like this ’78 wagon, are a particular favorite.Check out the tacky, pseudo-native-American original upholstery—extra points for the stain.Presentation is all-important at LeMons. Washing this ’74 Challenger might have ruined its chances.The rubber snake on the roof of the Challenger perhaps had some significance. Or it may have been left by a passerby.The Electra-King EV is the antecedent of today’s Tesla Model S.With a hood ornament like this, EVs obviously were a luxury proposition even back in 1973.This Peugeot impressed us as a strong contender in the Unmitigated Gaul class.And that was before we noticed it was towing a SECOND Peugeot, a 304 wagon.When this stretch limo rolled onto the field, everyone wondered what famous celebrity had arrived.We’re still not sure who it was, because they never got out of the car. But when you’re riding in the lap of luxury, it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to leave.The dude on this Mercury Comet looked a lot like Napoleon Dynamite—which could have been intentional, or just a coincidence.Did we say, “Mercury Comet”? Correction: It’s “Vomit Comet.”“Bratworst” was a BMW with a secret weapon.Free beer! No judge doesn’t like free beer.Sharp-eyed observed might note issues with panel and headlight fit on this Karmann Ghia convertible.Visible in certain light, is a slight color variation on the rear engine cover.In the Rueful Britannia class, this Wolsely Hornet is as British as boiled meat.Compared to the workaday Mini, the Wolsely’s real-wood dash marks it as the far more upscale offering.This ’69 wagon makes it immediately apparent why the Toyota Corolla is the world’s bestselling car.It’s hard not to be envious of the owners who have been behind the wheel over the past 47 years.Every Nissan Altima is something special, but this 2001 example was particularly unique.So unique that attendees were invited to give it a name. What would you call it?If any former British Leyland executives were in attendance, they probably were kicking themselves that they never thought to introduce a stretched MG Midget.Its third door accessed luxurious, wraparound rear seating.Many of you might mistake this sports car for the iconic Ford EXP, but it is in fact a Mercury LN7.In addition to its styling, the LN7 was famed for it towing ability.This mid-engine Ferrari apparently got lost on the way to Concorso Italiano.
from Car and Driver Blog

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