How to keep your cat happy

Cookie the cat

First of all – there’s absolutely no way of keeping your cat happy. Your cat is happy/sometimes playful/but mostly miserable/murderous/vicious when he (or she) decides to be, and there’s not much you can do about it. Cats are the masters of the universe, they rules your house, your life and everything in between (just look at Cookie’s smug face, as if he gives a single damn about whether I run around him with a feathered jingle or a can of tuna). But since we are their humble servants, we do need to make sure they are healthy both in terms of body & mind. Here’s a few tips to make your cat’s life as healthy & stress-free as possible!

I know this will sound a bit worrier-like but I honestly do wish someone had told me this on the day I got Cookie. So here you go – do get a good insurance package and an even better vet. There’s nothing worse than realizing your kitten’s poorly and you don’t know where to take him, you don’t know how much it will cost (and it will be a lot!)… the pitch black panic of your incapability is unstoppable. Cookie fell off a sofa within days of coming to my flat – and trust me, it wasn’t fun and it cost me hundreds and hundreds of pounds to find out he just pulled his gluteus maximus. So get your vet sorted, your insurance and also your vaccinations & boosters, even if your cat is just an indoor one.

Food is ever so important – just like we are becoming more & more aware of what we’re putting into our gobs, we should always strive to learn more about what we’re putting into our little furry buds’ bellies. Cookie had a big problem with dry food & a brand of wet food which contained too much salt – this caused him to have crystals in his urinary tract and me – I had many many many sleepless nights waiting next to his litter box to watch him pee (and then closely examine the shade, consistency and smell of the said urine). Now we know that it’s not necessarily the fanciest of foods that is the best.

Okay, so the entertainment value of cat toys is not as tremendous as you’d expect – especially when they’re not kittens anymore. Cookie sometimes loves playing with feathers or a little laser dot. Most of the times though he appreciates sleeping in his teepee, lying flat on his back under the drying rack or snoring on the window sill. He hates it when I pick him up with the prospect of never-ending snuggles. This usually ends up with him wiggling out of my clasp, dramatically straddling off just to drop dead 2 meters away from me (Cookie’s idea of safe distance) whilst giving me a stink eye. Cats don’t need us, nor do they care for our existence. FACT.

Cats are incredibly clean creatures. Cleaner than you and me. Cookie sometimes poops and then darts from the litter box as if the poop was a ghost. In fact he’s just playing it really cool by pretending that it’s not actually his poop – because cats are too posh for poops. Obvs. So do keep your cats poop area clean & tidy, that’s one of the few things in life they actually do appreciate.

Cookie is a sociable loner. He likes it when we are at home but doesn’t particularly appreciate us being in the same room as him. Now this is going to change this week. Why? Because we’re getting a kitten!!! A little princess will be joining us at the end of the week because with full time jobs we don’t spend near enough time in the house as we’d like to. Hopefully Cookie will have a new playmate and a friend to spend the days with – although I do have to say that the first time I mentioned the new kitty to him he didn’t look particularly impressed. In fact I think I saw a bit of dread in his little face. The whole process of introducing them to each other will be tough but fingers crossed, they will become best buds!

If you’re looking for more tips on how to keep your cat healthy please do visit RSPCA here, they always have a bunch of good tips on hand and their advice ranges from what food is the best to how to bring up a kitten. And don’t forget that you can also very easily adopt a kitten (or two) or even a little hamster chuck!

What are your top tips on keeping your cat healthy & happy?

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