Huffing Gas: Pininfarina to Build 10 Track-Only H2 Speed Fuel Cell Exotics

Pininfarina H2 Speed

In today’s market, to be fixated on performance numbers is a fool’s errand. Most everything is fast; not everything is fun. But when a base Carrera can make the hop to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds, one would hope that a $2.5-million car with an additional 133 horsepower could do the venerable Neunelfer at least one better. Pininfarina, though, is not attempting to trade on raw, sordid speed with its H2 Speed supercar, which is now confirmed for limited production, but rather on the car’s exclusivity and its green credentials. And to be completely fair, the H2 does supposedly make it to 62 mph in those 3.4 seconds. Take that, 911 guys.

Pininfarina H2 Speed

According to Automotive News, the production H2’s specs track closely with what the Italian design house announced when unveiling the prototype earlier this year in Geneva. The chassis is that of an LMP2 car, modified to carry a fuel-cell system from GreenGT. Output should be “at least 503 horsepower,” which doesn’t seem like all that much in this day of Hellcats of Chirons. The price? $2.5 million, and Pininfarina says it has buyers lined up. What’s more, the company claims that the H2 Speed isn’t a loss leader at that price. Apparently, limited-production bizarro toys are now the way forward for the design house. Given that the H2 Speed concept was inspired by the company’s ’69 Sigma concept, based on a Ferrari 312 F1 chassis, we’re anxious to see what happens when its designers re-imagine the glorious 512S-based Modulo for the modern-day playboy.

There’s just one issue as we see it. A Tesla Model S P100D is $2,365,000 cheaper, allegedly gets to 60 about a second quicker, seats everybody, and can be topped up with energy anywhere there’s an electrical plug. Oh, and it can be driven on the street. Still, for H2 intenders—who probably already own Teslas—Pininfarina’s new machine is as good an excuse as any to buy track-day hydrogen tanker.

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