Jaguar Land Rover: EVs Will Be for Jag, Hybrids for Land Rover

2017 Jaguar XE

As Jaguar Land Rover turns its focus to alternative powertrains, the Jaguar brand will look to pure-electric solutions, while Land Rover is more likely to offer hybrids, a high-ranking company executive has confirmed. Jaguar Land Rover’s German CEO Peter Modelhart told media in that country that the fully electric Jaguar would need to be a capable daily driver, “which refers to range as well as interior space.” He added that the car would be “a real Jaguar.”

Modelhart did not specify whether the technology would be implemented into a currently sold model or into a new vehicle, but we know that both Jaguar sedan and SUV EVs are currently in development. As to Land Rover models with alternative powertrains, Modelhart said that “a hybrid system probably makes more sense than a pure electric powertrain.” Why? So there is “the right propulsion for every requirement.” Land Rover currently offers diesel-electric V-6 hybrid Range Rovers in Europe.

range rover hybrid

Modelhart said that JLR’s foray into the Formula E racing series allows it to get quick access to the technology and flatten the learning curve: “We will learn a lot for our series-production cars.” The Formula E racing car’s powertrain will be developed entirely by JLR.

Adding hybrids and electrics to the roster will give JLR a full portfolio of powertrains; the Indian-owned company currently sells not just gasoline-powered models, but also four-, six- and eight-cylinder turbo-diesels.

Asked for comment, a spokesman for JLR in the U.S. said that “electrification, hybrids, and diesel technology all play a role in the future of our company.” Jaguar’s EVs will compete with fully electric vehicles by Mercedes-Benz and Audi, as well as Tesla’s Model S and Model X.

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