World, meet Princess Pippin de Zenith!

Princess Pippin the kitten

Hello. This is Pipps. Cookie’s little (very, very little – like a tiny mouse baby!), younger (only 11 weeks old), slightly more annoying (especially when jumping on Cookie’s head) but also much (much!) snugglier sister. Princess Pippin enjoys playing with Cookie’s toys (particularly with his teepee & feather garlands), having her nose rubbed and falling asleep knocked out in the most awkward positions.

You might be wondering where Pippin came from and perhaps even why. It’s simple. Cookie spends a lot of time on his own, he’s a fully indoor cat and doesn’t get to play with the cats outside – instead he just watches them every day from the safety of our living room window sill. We’ve been thinking for a while that we just don’t spend enough time with him (with full time jobs & commuting it just doesn’t work out as we’d like it to). And that’s where Pippin comes in. She’s of course, not merely a toy for the big Cookie bear. She’s his new companion, a new bud & a little sister so to say. She came from a bunch of kittens who were not exactly planned and if they were not adopted by friends & relatives, they would have most definitely gone to a shelter. Adopt, don’t shop.

At first we were extremely worried – would Cookie like a little playmate? Is he going to feel rejected with a new kitten in the house? Is he going to hate us??? Fortunately, Cookie took in Pippin with attention but also affection – they are on day 3 and have already started snuggling, can you believe it?!

We also wanted to say a massive thank you to RSPCA for sharing some of their new range with us – Pipps is absolutely obsessed with their new kitten dry food! And Cookie hasn’t stopped playing with his new catnip mouse toy, it’s literally dripping his dribble haha! If you’d like to get your ball of fluff something fun to play with whilst supporting the less lucky kittens out there the new RSPCA cat range is here.

For more adventures of Cookie & Pippin, follow me on Instagram @cityscapebliss

from Cityscape Bliss

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