Getting my shit together: 10 tips & tricks

Lalla phone case review HEMA stationery 2016 haul

I ain’t 15 anymore (thank God for that!). But I ain’t 20 either (why’s life so unfair?!). I guess I may have hit some sort of quarter life crisis (but it took me a couple of years to realise that it’s happening). It’s not even a crisis to be honest – I don’t find it particularly unpleasant or daunting. It’s more like a push at the back of your mind making you do things (in a rather irrational speed) which you should have done a couple years back but never got to doing it. I guess, for the matter of this post we could call it a motivational tornado. Because it’s all at once, kinda chaotic, but I’m expecting the waters to clear eventually.

1. The first thing that I did was buying a notepad. Because every great story starts with a new notepad or a journal, doesn’t it? This one’s from TKMaxx – because they have the prettiest notepads for prices that seem almost silly.

2. The following step (which seemed to make more sense to me before than it does now) – more stationery.  And when I say more stationery I really mean more photogenic stationery (for Insta and all, innit). One word – HEMA. Oh, and another one: not sponsored.

3. I also did the unthinkable – I changed my bank. The thing that scares the living hell out of me – changing banks is ever so stressful! But I’ve done it. My old bank (I ain’t gonna name it but if you hear a horse roar in the background it might not be a coincidence) was just pants, charging me wrongly, charging me too much. So in your face black horse, I’ve left & I ain’t coming back.

4. I handed in my notice. Because jobs should be fun – and not just what you’re doing but also the people around you should be at least half decent. Even a single knob can make you wish your days away. And that ain’t cool.

5. I got a new job. A job which evolves around something that I love. Because life’s too short to not be doing the shit you really enjoy. And no, I’m not a full time blogger.

6. Pippin. Evidence instead of promise – here.

7. The life-changing magic of tidyingnot Marie Kondo style. I ain’t saying thank you to my old stuff – for what? For costing money I shouldn’t have spent? For taking up too much space? I just chuck it (read donate it). Simples.      

8. I’m creating balance. Every day I aim to do something useful and productive either before or after work. I refuse to go to sleep without doing at least the littlest of things. Perhaps I cook dinner (which I’m definitely too tired for), perhaps I tidy up a drawer (drawers are the ultimate in this house), perhaps I write a blog post about how good I am at getting better at life. A minuscule step after a minuscule step.

9. I’ve also completely lost it. Multiple times. There’s no shame in crying your eyes out when the world seems like a little too much to take in. It’s fine, just cry. Cry so much you’re suffocating and snotting all over your cat. There there.  

10. Oh, and I’ve got a new phone! What a materialistic way to finish off my top 10 but hey – I’ve had the iPhone 4s for years and every time it would die (after ca 30 minutes after charging it), it would tell me the memory is full or it would refuse to even switch on, my life got shorter by at least 10 minutes. I dare say I have lost months of my future this way. Thank you Liz for sending me such a beautiful motivational case for it (the fear of dropping this slippery fish of a phone kept me up at night!). How appropriate for my current life shambles too! Here’s a link to Liz’s shop Lalla if you need a little inspirational kick!

What’s your current state of mind?

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