A new brand in town: eness

eness cosmetics Birmingham

Have you ever tried South African beauty products? Well, I have! eness Cosmetics (a sustainable, ethical & cruelty free skincare brand from South Africa) opened their first store in the UK – and it’s in Birmingham!

eness offers something slightly different than what we’ve been used to so far. Their products are made in an ethical, sustainable, low carbon and socially responsible manner yet they are not overpriced. They are in fact surprisingly affordable! When I asked the question – why the products are so affordable – the answer was even more surprising. The packaging is made from recycled materials! eness are going full circle with their products, which is most definitely admirable and more brands should take inspiration from this.

The store in Birmingham is so sweet & cosy – if you’re local then you will remember that there used to a MAC on Canon Street, just off New Street. That very same unit now houses eness! You will find a couple of different ranges in the store – one of my favourites is definitely the strawberry one, it just smells SO GOOD! I do have to say though that the range for men is a little disappointing – the scent doesn’t cut it for me (kinda 80s!) and the packaging goes hand in hand with the 80s vibe. But then, perhaps that’s the point – everyone seems to be bloody obsessed with the 80s/90s trends, aha! I have also tried the Magnolia tissue oil which reminds me so much of BioOil but more affordable. And it smells much much better! I have my eye on the lavender range (lavender is my favouritest of flowers!) and also the diamond one (South Africa is infamous for diamonds – does that mean that there are some actual crushed diamonds in the lotions & potions??).

eness stands for:
EARTH: Love your Earth
NEUTRAL: Contribution to Carbon Footprint
ETHICAL: Responsibility
SUSTAINABLE: Formulations and Raw Materials
SOCIAL: Social Corporate Responsibility
Have you been to eness yet?
Don’t forget to pop in next time you’re wandering round the city, the staff there are ever so lovely & helpful! 

eness cosmetics Birmingham
eness cosmetics Birmingham

from Cityscape Bliss http://www.cityscape-bliss.com/2016/09/ness-cosmetics-birmingham-review.html

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