Hey, Frank!

Frank body scrub review

Oh no, it ain’t no Frank – it’s Pippin!! 

Let’s be frank (also #letsbefrank), coffee scrub is the best scrub. It smells bloody heavenly (like a Nescafe commercial) and it really scrubs off dead skin cells (and most importantly – fake tan). What else do you need, right? I mean, I do appreciate a good fancy as f*** scrub – but at the same time, scrub is a peeling, no one really needs it to be a 10 in 1 skincare miracle, right? Frank Body scrubs come in plush (like – fancy, not made out of plush, they are actually made out of paper) bags and contain that one magical ingredient – roasted & ground coffee beans together with a handful of natural bolt ons – be it coconut oil, sea salt, cacao or peppermint. 
Each of the scrubs has a slightly different function (one is more moisturising, another one is invigorating…) but all of them do one thing really well – scrubbing off flaky skin! I’ve also tried the new lip scrub & lip balm duo and especially the lip scrub is just… aaah!

Despite Frank being an Australian bumpkin, you can get his products in the UK too – click here

Which Frank scrub is your most favourite?
And if you haven’t tried Frank – then which scrub in general is your fave?
Frank body scrub review

from Cityscape Bliss http://www.cityscape-bliss.com/2016/09/frank-body-scrub-review.html

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