4 new skincare products I’ve tried & fell in love with

New skincare products September 2016 review

For the past month or two I have been trialling a handful of new skincare products. Finally today the time has come & I’m ready to reveal to you what my thoughts are. Are you intrigued?

Algenist Elevate Firming & Lifting Contouring Eye Cream (£56, Space NK – buy here)
Not going to lie, this is a pretty costly, luxurious piece of beauty wizardry. The only other eye cream I’ve ever felt any sort of favouritism to was the Ole Henriksen one (read review here) and with all my luck, that one was on the luxurious top of the scale kind of eye cream too. I guess this proves one point (and I’m sure that this is not the first time you’re hearing this) – eye creams cannot be done on budget. This one from Algenist is really thick and contains Alguronic Acid & ProPeptide3 which are the two ingredients doing most of the magic. One thing you will notice are the optical diffuser particles which make the cream look beautifully pearlescent!

Apoteka Havlik 3-min Morning Deep Clean Mask (189CZK- ca £6, Apoteka Havlik – buy here)
I have picked up this little gem when we went to Prague in August. So many Czech blogs have been featuring Apoteka Havlik lately so when we were walking past I just had to drag Shaun in. The shop has a very late 19th century apothecary vibe with old school fonts, typewriters and glass pipettes. I was easily convinced I needed (yet another) face mask. The scent of this one is incredible – like a bunch of fresh herbs! And it is really invigorating – sprucing up the skin but also the sleepy mind!

Origins United State Balancing Tonic (£16.50, Boots – buy here)
Retexturising products are my favourite – they really do make difference to my skin after just one use, and that’s what I really want from a beauty product (and who doesn’t, right?) but almost never get. It unites different parts of your skin – the flaky chin and oily nose, and also combats enlarged pores – which is the most visible result I’ve seen so far. Hurray for Origins!

Embryolisse Micellar Lotion (£15.99, Boots – buy here)
I’ve recently ran out of my trusty Garnier Micellar Water (read review here) and in this window of opportunity I had the chance to try this Embryolisse one. An incredibly sensitive micellar water with zero scent, zero irritating ingredients. It’s very effective (I would say on par with Bioderma) and once you’re done with removing your make-up & cleansing your face, you can’t even tell your face was full of slap just a minute ago. And I mean, if it’s good enough for Emma Willis, then it’s damn good enough for me!

What skincare products have you been trying this month?
What’s your favourite one at the moment?

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