Gems & crystals: Blue Larimar

Larimar Bliss jewellery review

Gems & crystals have recently become incredibly popular – they are very tumblr & Bohemian, aren’t they? If you’re anything like me (read: a ‘90s kid) then magical gems & crystals of all shapes and sizes have been part of your life for years. I remember searching through muddy fields around my parents’ house in the Southern Bohemia for Moldavites. Moldavites is this kind of olive green substance (kinda looks like a super fancy shard) which is believed to be a piece from a meteorite (how crazy is that!). Have I found some? Oh yes. Is this what today’s article is about? Well, almost. It’s in fact about Larimars.

Larimar, sometimes called Stefilia’s Stone or the Dolphin Stone, is an unbelievably rare variety of a mineral pectolite (basically a ridiculously old rock from back when dinosaurs were running around the Earth & volcanos were exploding left and right) found only in the Dominican Republic. It was discovered not that long ago – in the early 70s in fact, and the name Larimar comes from the discoverer’s daughter’s name Larissa and Spanish ‘mar’ which I believe means the sea. What a poetic name, isn’t it! According to the wizardry of crystals, Larimar is the crystal of balance. Because of the sea-like colour and fire origin, it symbolises harmony between polar opposites. Supposedly it can sooth stress, anxiety and even cure fear.

I’m not too sure whether Larimar will heal my acute arachnophobia but what I’m positive about is that it’s a bloody beautiful little thing! Although Larimars are usually tied to their location of origin, there’s a few sellers outside of the Caribbean who offer Larimars in their jewellery pieces. One of them is Larimar Bliss (click here to browse their virtual shopwindow), they’re based in Florida and their jewellery is just gorgeous! They were very kind to add the Crescent Moon ring (find it here) into my collection of silver Bohemian pieces and I absolutely adore it. Thank you Larimar Bliss!

Did you know that the darker and more opaque the Larimar stone is the more rare it is?
Do you believe in power of crystals & gems?

from Cityscape Bliss

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