Geometry’s always right

YAMA Jewellery: Brand introduction

You can’t criticise geometry. It’s never wrong. (Paul Rand)

How very true – when you think about it, geometry never goes out of fashion. A-line skirts will always be there, so will Breton stripes and even those fancy little pearls your nan gave you. As you know, I’m a fiend for new brands & creative thinkers hiding in the world wide web – so coming across an architect & goldsmith designing her very own geometric jewellery line made my heart skip a little. Maya Shkedy is the face (hands, brains & inspiration) behind YAMA Jewellery – a range of geometry inspired pieces encompassing (see what I did there?) everything from rings and earrings to necklaces and bracelets. What strikes me the most is the precision and attention to detail that has so obviously gone into each and every piece Maya’s designed.

I know, I know, I mostly feature brands offering affordable pieces, something everyone and their cat can buy. In the past couple of years I have learnt (the hard way, as I do) that not everything cheap is cheerful. I have consciously made the decision not to buy costume jewellery (goodbye & farewell H&M!) – the only exception are statement necklaces because hell, I don’t think I could afford half a kilo worth of silver Roman coins hanging off a Medieval knight’s armour (which is exactly what most of my statement necklaces look like, ya know – Bohemian). I’m talking rings, earrings and dainty necklaces. Buying real gold, silver, crystals and gems ensures that your pieces won’t lose value (read: that you’re not flushing your money down the drain). It’s pricey but it’s an investment (and your drawers won’t be overflowing with cheap tat, plus your fingers won’t turn embarrassing green). One of the key things I look for in more expensive (let’s call them investment) pieces is timelessness. A little cliche but hey – what is the point of those artsy fartsy cocktail rings that are bigger than your head, cost half of your house and will look like kid’s toys next season?

Classic geometric pieces are the goals. I’m particularly obsessed with dainty round medallions depicting various Saints, delicate golden bars (I adore those in Maya’s collection – is it too soon to write a letter to Santa) and simple chain bracelets that entwine around my watch.

What are your favourite jewellery pieces at the moment?
Do you go for quality or is your taste too whimsical?

from Cityscape Bliss

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