Notes on The White Company

The White Company AW16

This week I had the pleasure to explore the AW16 collection of The White Company – a brand I’m not even going to pretend I’m familiar with. It’s one that’s completely new to me, despite having seen it around for almost a year now at Grand Centre, Birmingham. Just walking through the gorgeously decorated shop I can definitely see the appeal – it’s simple, it’s crisp, it’s high quality. Whilst wandering through the aisles of neutrals, fluffiness & cashmere, I jotted down a couple of notes.

They should so be selling those plants!
There’s an incredible amount of beautiful money trees & other jade plants in the store. They are some bloody fine specimens they have there. All of them in those on trend paper bag like planters. I’d pay an arm and a leg for one of those!

Cashmere is from bellies of Mongolian goats
Did you know that? The White Company sells a lot of cashmere pieces, from jumpers to cardigans, throws and loungewear. All made from the finest cashmere from Mongolia. If that doesn’t make you feel fancy then what will?!

Oh the softness!
Their teddy bears and bunnies are most definitely the softest toys my mitts have ever touched. I even pondered whether buying a toy or two for Cookie & Pippin would be frowned upon. Can one of my friends finally have a baby so I can spoil them please?

This weekend I’ll learn to cook Toad in the Hole. 
Who knew that I would find the perfect weekend dinner recipe in one of their shops! I love these little recipe cards you can usually pick up from supermarkets – this one is especially fancy and the recipe looks simple enough for me to fearlessly give it a go!

The ever inspiring neatness.
Everything in the shop is incredibly neat and tidy. Even the individual pieces give you a sense of absolute immaculateness. My favourite pieces are definitely the handbags, pouches & card holders. I can’t imagine you’d ever leave a wrapper or a receipt lying around in one of those! 

In fact, just looking back at the pictures I feel like I now have to go & tidy up the house a little bit (a lot!). It’s far from the pristine White Company elegance! 

Are you a regular customer of The White Company?
What are your favourite pieces or collections?

The White Company AW16
The White Company AW16
The White Company AW16
The White Company AW16
The White Company AW16
The White Company AW16
The White Company AW16
The White Company AW16

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