China Glaze for 99p!

I am well shocked when I see what you can find in Quidshops these days. From a regular CD (Busted, yes yes yes!) to Stila make-up & nail polishes that look like teeny dolls. That is just, seriously – how do these shops operate? (My guess is they import Polish/Turkish etc products? That’s why they have labels in these languages? Maybe?) Well, lately you can find some sweet gems in your local Quidshop (=Poundlands, Poundworlds, 99p stores) – that means Revlon, OPI, L’Oreal, Hard Candy… or even China Glaze! Look at these pretty China Glaze nail polishes I picked up from my local 99p store last week! 

⇢ Cracked Medallion
⇢ Lightning Bolt
⇢ Black Mesh

These are crackle nail polishes, but as long as you do not use any base coat (yeah, not ideal) the colour comes out as a solid coat, not a crackle. The white & black shade actually come out as matte shades, and all of them are rather opaque, which is brilliant! Normally you’d pay some £13 for a weeny bottle of China Glaze, so why not give them a go for 99p right? And I’ve seen someone who actually found packs of 3 for 99p, woah!! Lucky, ay?!

What’s the latest Quidshop bargain you found?

from Cityscape Bliss

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