Grace your face!

I came across Grace your face! Tinted Anti-Blemish Moisturiser in Savers the other day and since it claims to be a tinted moisturiser (everyone goes through tinted moisturiser phases right?) and it promises to tone complexion with its salicylic acid, I gave it a try!   

What is this magic tube meant to do to your skin? It works as a blemish reducing tinted moisturiser with salicylic acid that evens out your skin tone and provides sheer coverage. Apparently, it can be worn on its own or as a make up base.

Now what do I think it does? First of all, the paper box is really cute with flowers on it and overall looks really girly, however the actual tube looks a bit ‘medicine-y’ as you can see. It has a nice tip, which makes the squeezing out more controlled and less messy, which I think is a big plus.The consistency itself is really surprising. It has a rather ‘foamy’ texture and feels really light on. When rubbed into my skin, it leaves a bit of grey/white film, which makes me think of BB creams to be honest. It sorta resembles then in how it works as well. Obviously it is not a full on BB, but for the price you pay it is quite a good attempt.   

On the box they claim that you don’t need to use it all over your face, but only on certain parts to brighten up blemishes. I found out that the best use for me is to use it as a base for concealer. I use it under my eyes, around my nose, chin, sometimes cheekbones, forhead and tip of my nose where you would put highlighter. It works really well and brightens up my skin in areas where I want it to. To me it is something between concealer base and highlighter without any particular shine or shimmer. In the picture below you can see that together with concealer it does pretty damn good job, don’t you think?   

Overall, I have noticed that it does brighten up my blemishes after spots, which I don’t really suffer from, but have an occasional one or two. Although it does not ‘feel’ very moisturising, it doesn’t dry my skin up, and does not make me flakey either. Now the main point which I want to talk about is the price. According to Amazon (here!), the regular price is £5.99. That’s quite steep for this multipurpose 30ml to be honest. Although you don’t really need to use much to be fair, a little goes a long way. The big surprise is that I bought it from Savers for about 70p! Yes, I said it. 70p! (If it was 80p, don’t stone me please! haha!) For that money it is pretty much a miracle! If you have a fairer/light medium skin tone, I’d say give it a try for that money. If you wanna splurge almost £6 on it, well, only if you have some serious blemish issues, I probably would, but I think there might be some maybe more efficient products out there for about the same price!

 What’s the most efficient way you use to fight blemishes?

from Cityscape Bliss

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