Prague’s best known cafe: Cafe Slavia

Cafe Slavia Prague review

Prague is not just a city of thousand spires – it is also a city of thousands & thousands of exquisite eateries, aromatic coffee houses, chilled as f*** tea rooms & the cosiest cafes. Perhaps the best known cafe in Prague is Cafe Slavia. You will find its red pergolas on the bank of the Vltava River, with large windows overlooking not just the bridges, boats and passing by trams but also the National Theatre. 

Built in 1884 the Cafe has stood through a bucketful of Czech history. From the very same windows you could have watched the cornerstone of the National Theatre being laid in 1868. You could have watched the funeral procession of the first Czechoslovakian president T G Masaryk walk pass in 1937. You could have sat next to the first Czech president Vaclav Havel whilst watching the Velvet Revolution take place in 1989. Hundreds of Czech celebrities, intellectuals, writers and actors sat on those very same chairs – writing poetry, organising secret dissent activities, or just having a cuppa with their favourite people.

Cafe Slavia (which is now not just a cafe but also a restaurant) has quickly become our favourite when visiting Prague. Its location is spot on for an afternoon cup of hot chocolate, for a few bites (& a pint) before a matinee at the National Theatre or for a full on fancy dinner with a bottle (or two) of wine. Every single day from 5-11pm you can listen to a live piano music, which gives the place a proper Great-Gatsby kind of feel

We have enjoyed every single meal there – be it a roasted duck with dumplings & cabbage, a pickled camembert cheese or a hot raspberry sundae (delicious!). And the prices are more than affordable, especially if you’re coming from England. A full plate of fancy dinner for about £8 is to dream of in the UK! 

Planning a trip to the UK this autumn?
Don’t forget to add Cafe Slavia (click here) to your itinerary! 

Cafe Slavia Prague review
Cafe Slavia Prague review
Cafe Slavia Prague review
Cafe Slavia Prague reviewCafe Slavia Prague review
Cafe Slavia Prague review
Cafe Slavia Prague review


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