Where to buy Korean beauty products?

Koreanmall review introduction

As you already know I’m (& so is every blogger I have ever known) completely obsessed with Asian beauty products. And you might also know that they are bloody hard to find! I have recently introduced you to the 3B beauty box. But what if you don’t want just samples & eBay just doesn’t cut it for you? So far the best website I’ve come across is KoreanMall. It’s like Amazon of Korea, you will literally squeal when you see how much there is to choose from (I’m trembling with excitement as I’m typing this!).    

I’m not even joking when I say there are thousands of beauty products on KoreanMall. I mean – THOUSANDS!! The pick is yours – anything from Holika Holika to Innisfree & Skinfood, but also some up & coming and high end brands – like Son&Park, Calmia or Sooryehan. It blows my mind how much stuff is on there! Now, the best thing about this website is that it’s very very affordable, the prices are much cheaper than any other website I’ve seen (of course – you’re buying Korean products from Korea, it won’t get any cheaper than that!). And I’m talking most products cost around $10 (which is ca £7 at the moment), and many are even cheaper than that – especially face masks (check out their top selling masks HERE)! On top of the affordability and ridiculously large range of products, you will also get free postage if you spend more than $49 (easily done!). If you’re worried about the ordering process being difficult then don’t – it’s in fact easier than ordering from some of UK e-shops. Even the payment options are extremely UK friendly – you can pay by card or Paypal (which I find is still a mystery to some UK online retailers, sigh), plus there’s a few other options you might want to use such as Western Union transfer.

And this is not the end of all the glory of KoreanMall. You can buy literally anything on it (both from Korea & overseas!). When I say anything – I mean ANYTHING. Fromfashion to K-Pop CDs & DVDs, from interior decor items to food. Yes, you can load your cart full of Korean food! They stock loads of crazy looking (but very tempting!) teas and ramen noodles with flavours I’ve never even imagined. 
I’m so excited to be telling you about this website, I’m literally buzzing. You won’t be surprised when I tell you that a gigantic haul is on its way. And then probably another one. And another one. And another one. And then I might stop. Or not.

Now drop everything & go explore KoreanMall – click HERE! – it’s so much fun even just to browse the shop!

Koreanmall review

PS – They have a big event happening at the moment: If you purchase for $49+ (which also means you’re getting free shipping!) you will be entered in a draw for a FREE flight ticket to Korea (for you & plus one) and you get to go to the BTS’ fan meeting (especially tempting for those K-Pop fans out there!). Just imagine – a trip to Korea!! You can find more info here

Koreanmall review
Where to find KoreanMall?

Are you obsessed with Korean beauty too?
Where do you normally go to get your fix?

Koreanmall review introduction

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