The power of fancy fonts (15 fonts & an install guide)

15 most beautiful handwritten fonts to boost your blog visuals!

Everyone knows that one of the fundamentals of blogging is visuals. If you’re an excellent writer but lack in the department of a visually pleasing design & imagery then chances are your writing won’t shine as bright as it potentially could. It’s a bit like being a good runner but having floppy arms – your legs can go Usain Bolt kind of speed but if your top half is flopping about like Olive Oyl’s then you won’t win the race. You need the full package. And people are superficial bastards – we just love pretty things, we enjoy it when our eyes see colours (or sometimes the lack of thereof), we love appealing sights. It’s all about the aesthetics packed around the substance. One way of boosting your blog graphics is to add fancy fonts! It’s affordable, super easy & incredibly effective!  

I’ve already mentioned in my 50 free blog resources post (catch up here) that one of my favourite creative hubs is the Creative Market. I’ve handpicked these 15 beautiful handwritten fonts to give you a flavour of what’s out there. Of course the creators don’t make these stunning pieces of graphics for free – they are humans who also need to live & eat. The fonts are very affordable nonetheless. Most of these fonts are less than $10 (ca £7; some are even less than that). A worthy investment if you’re looking to boost your blogs visual design without investing into a whole new revamp!

I know, I know, I hear ya – but what do I do when I buy a font like this? How do I use it? I don’t have Photoshop! I don’t know how to use Photoshop! Well, it’s simple. Just follow these few steps:

🖥 First of all get a photo editor. I recommend either signing up for Adobe Creative Cloud (click here to explore) which is what I’m using at the moment. You’re essentially paying a monthly subscription to be able to use Photoshop CC 2015 & also Photoshop Lightroom. Alternatively, you can get PhotoFiltre Studio for FREE (download here). This is the one I’d been using since I started my blog until very recently. It works just fine for all your basic editing!

🖥 Sign up to the Creative Market (sign up here for FREE). They will often send you freebies in their newsletter so don’t forget to tick yes to receiving extras – it’s an easy way to boost your font library! 

🖥 Get lost in millions of gorgeous fonts. Pick one. Check the licensing (you might need to get a slightly more expensive license if you want to use the fonts for printables and other commercial use) and buy your dream font. 

🖥 Open the downloaded folder & double click the file ending with .ttf – this will pop up with a question whether you want to install the font. Yeeer please.

🖥 And tadaaaah! Your font’s been installed. Now you can adorn your photos & visuals with a stunning handwritten font! And don’t forget to share them on Pinterest – the haven of all things pretty looking!

Blog Tip: Don’t use more than 2-3 fancy fonts on your blog as this can become a little messy and the whole fancy shebang could work against you rather than for you!   

Don’t forget to share this post with your blog friends if you found it useful! And psssst – there might be a tip on where to find some FREE fancy fonts in the upcoming November newsletter (sign up here!) – just saying.  

15 most beautiful handwritten fonts to boost your blog visuals!
16 most beautiful handwritten fonts to boost your blog visuals!

✏️ Bohemienne ✏️ Salma Desire  ✏️ Romantic  ✏️ Mademoiselle ✏️ Verona ✏️ Storybook ✏️ Starlight ✏️ Mustache ✏️ Loveletter ✏️ Stillshine ✏️ Yorkshire ✏️ Hello Sunshine ✏️ Midnight  ✏️ Swirly ✏️ Malisia

Where do you get your fancy fonts from?

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