Fake tan revelations: How I managed to de-tango myself

Fake tan Bondi Sands and Madame La La review best fake tans

I have tried A LOT of fake tans. Regrettably, they were not amazing. In fact, most of them were not even remotely good. Not even alright. More like oompa loompa kind of terrible. Now it was only this year when I discovered a fake tan that works for me. Yes, I found a decent fake tan at the age of 27. What did I do before that? How did I even live my life?? Don’t – even – ask. Do you remember when I was literally trembling with excitement when I first discovered it? You can read about Madame LA LA here (I’m still as chuffed as I was the day I first lathered myself in it). Since then I’ve tried a few other brands but none of them blew my skirt up. Until now. Kind of.

The brand that all bloggers & YouTubers seem to be using right now is the Bondi Sands. It’s one of those brands you can spot on Instagram in a hand of the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen running across an Australian beach. I was intrigued. Very intrigued.

First impressions? God it reeks! I’m not sure what’s added into it but it does not smell nice. It doesn’t even smell like a fake tan either, it’s just a strange off smell which I find very strong on application. It settles fairly quickly so it doesn’t bother me too much when it comes to it but compared to Madame LA LA the scent is pretty meh!

And the actual fake tanning effect? Bloody brilliant! I’ve tried the Self tanning lotion in Dark (£14.99, Superdrug – buy here) & Self tanning foam in Dark (£14.99, Superdrug – buy here) and both are equally as good. Madame LA LA standard, easily. The application is streakless, the longevity is around 7 days on my skin. It doesn’t fade in patches. The shade of it is really interesting – it has a very strong dark olive, almost green undertone which is ideal for those with natural yellow/orange undertone as it balances out the dreaded tango tan.

Overall it’s an affordable (compared to my Madame LA LA which is a tad pricey – buy here!) fake tan which doesn’t make you orange, doesn’t streak or patch and is perfect for someone who uses fake tan on a regular basis like me. The scent is a bit pants but if you’re used to St Tropez or St Moriz then this will probably smell like a bunch of roses to you!

What’s your most favourite fake tan in the world?
Have you tried Bondi Sands before? 

from Cityscape Bliss http://www.cityscape-bliss.com/2016/10/best-fake-tans-bondi-sands-and-madame-la-la.html

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