Latest in beauty from Yves Rocher

Latest in beauty from Yves Rocher

Have you missed my borderline regular posts on my love affair with Yves Rocher? I bet you did! And they are back in full force! When we were in the Czech Republic in August I had the chance to peruse a few high street branches of Yves Rocher in Prague – and they were all so bloody pretty, full of beautifully smelling perfumes & potions, lipsticks in shimmering shades and pearlescent nail polish bottles. I’m always so smitten with their products, it makes me wonder why are blogs not yet overflowing with them! Especially with all these new products they’ve added to their range!

Well-being & nutrition
Not many probably know that Yves Rocher also offers a range of well-being products. I’ve tried their tea which was so different from what you get in a supermarket – the teabags come in those adorable silk pyramids & they are a joy to use! They now have a new Rooibos blend (click here), yum! Plus they now also have a candle (see here) in their range – how pretty is that!

Body care products
There are two new collections worthy noting – a bourbon vanilla (click here) & coconut (explore¬†here). Everything vanilla scented I’ve tried from Yves Rocher smelled good enough to eat – from their perfumes to shower gels. And I’m especially tempted by these new shower oils (see here)!

Hair care
I can’t recall whether I’ve ever tried their shampoos but they do have some new intriguing additions in the hair care department – like this Combing cream (buy here) & the Exceptional serum (click here).

Make-up & palettes
The golden packaging of these gets me every time – there’s something very luxurious about products that come in golden tones, isn’t there? The most recent additions to the Yves Rocher range are this Lipstick palette (see here) & a matching Eye shadow palette (admire here).

The new Botanical colour polishes (explore here) look exceptionally intriguing – they promise sparkling nails for the festive season, all that with an extreme shine finish & a new fan brush. Yes please.

Don’t forget – Yves Rocher do the most tremendous sale events! The Black Friday sale this year will have up to 70% off on a selection off 70 products so if you’re thinking about placing an order, it might be worth the wait (and you can throw in a few more things whilst waiting!).

Have you tried Yves Rocher yet?
What’s your favourite products?
Latest in beauty from Yves Rocher

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