How to wear a jumpsuit like a blogger

How to wear a jumpsuit like a blogger

I’ve read a lot of magazine articles on how to wear a jumpsuit correctly. Jumpsuits are bloody hard to pull off you know – you only meant to wear them with heels apparently (honestly, I read that!), with a blazer and a chunky belt. Hell no. None of the articles gave me what I wanted to hear. I wanted the simplicity of a blogger’s outfit. Yes, I wanted to hear that I can wear a fancy jumpsuit (that cost me an arm & a half of my leg so I want to get the goddamn wear out of it!) with a pair of white trainers and a cross body camera bag. Thank you blogger world, you are the best!

The ultimate jumpsuit
I find it ever so difficult to find a good fitting jumpsuit (half of the blame lies on my short legs but still). The one I’m wearing above is, believe it or not, from Primark – the fit’s fantastic but the material is a bit pants – it’s really thin so unless it’s a warm sunny day outside (yet it must not be more than 23 degrees because then you start sweating like a beast) it’s rather difficult to leave the house in it. I came across this beautiful black longline jumpsuit on the Coast website (click here) – it’s cinched at the waist which gives an incredibly flattering figure & the back is actually tie up so you can play about with it and create different shapes & patterns. How gorgeous man! And I bet you won’t feel a breeze in it either!

The blogger bag
Now to style up such a gorgeous (traditionally an evening) piece you need a bag that’s more on the casual side of things. A cross body will do. I must have been sleeping under a rock but who knew there’s a YSL Blogger bag (see here)??! It won’t even remotely fit in everything you need but hey – a lipstick & an eyeliner is all a girl can live off for the day, right?

The simple accessories
Keeping the accessories simple means you’re less likely to stray from the casual sporty style. About 90% of the time I pick silver over gold – just because I feel like it is A) more casual and B) suits my skin tone better. Even if you’re to pick gold then I do recommend that you stick with overly simple shapes – a pair of dainty hoops, a classic watch and perhaps a little pendant for good luck. You can find all these on the F.Hinds website (click here) – including the most gorgeous St Christopher pendant I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

The cover up
A blogger would most likely wear a leather jacket from Zara (because those are apparently the leather jackets to live for) but I’m more of a baggy duster coat kinda girl so I’d wear this pinky duster from Coast (click here). It looks so so comfy – it’s asking for the sleeves to be rolled up and to be thrown on over the jumpsuit!

The Stan Smiths
The ultimate pair of white trainers that I’ve been coveting for a good few months – I may have or may have not ordered a pair online as we speak. Just saying.

How do you feel about dressing down evening fashion pieces?
Is it really true that white trainers go with EVERYTHING or is it just a myth?

How to wear a jumpsuit like a blogger

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