Fashion is Freedom

Fashion is Freedom book review

How a girl from Tehran broke the rules to change her world.

That is the tagline of Fashion is Freedom by Tala Raassi. I rarely review individual books anymore but with all the turbulence in the world today this one deserves a standalone mention. It’s going to be a difficult one not to give away everything so I’ll make it short & sweet.

Tala Raassi is an Iranian American fashion designer and now also a book author. Her new book called Fashion is Freedom describes her journey from the very beginning when she was a 16 year old girl at her birthday party wearing a miniskirt. With the strict Iranian culture this was something unheard of and Tala was punished with jail time and forty lashes (this IS a thing – even in this day & time, lashing women for wearing short skirts is a thing). 
The book follows Tala from Iran to the USA where she moved to (sprinted to as she calls it – and who would blame her?!) after her 16th birthday. Tala went on to pursue her dream – fashion was freedom for her (see what I did here?) and she became a successful fashion designer with two clothing lines and a title of ’one of the most fearless women in the world’. 
There’s a lot more to the book and the story of Tala – it’s a story of culture, strength and a power of one woman who decided to do what she wanted to do no matter what the rest of the world thought. And that’s the kind of story we need every day! 
It’s an easy book to read as Tala writes in a very friendly blog kind of tone, but it makes you think well deep about the world we live in. You can get yourself a copy here for just £8.99.
Have you come across Tala’s story before? 

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