How to stop wasting time window shopping online

How to stop wasting time online window shopping

I’m pretty sure we can all agree that we are spending waaaaay too much time browsing online shops.  Especially as a blogger (who spends 25 hours a day online) I can relate to the whole I-just-spent-3-hours-on-Asos panic. When you’re on the internets EVERYTHING is just a click away. And that is bloody dangerous – not just for your wallet but also for the increased risk of procrastination by circa 635%. It was about time someone tackled this – ladies & gentlemen, please meet Shoptagr (click here to explore on your own or carry on reading).

Shoptagr is a new tool that can help not just those avid online shoppers out there – it can also be a massive help to bloggers. It’s a free service that allows you to save & track your waiting-for-the-pay-day wishlist items (right down to size & colour).

Not only that you don’t have to sign up to all those individual websites (and receive 42861 newsletters) to keep a wishlist on hand (ideal for bloggers who regularly post wishlist posts) but it also allows you to tag the very same item off different websites to compare the price and track when the price drops or becomes restocked! To give you a real life example – I once saw Sammy from Samantha Maria post about this gorgeous floral jumpsuit from Missguided. Of course, it was so popular that it flew off the online shelf within minutes. In my despair I set out on a mission – I will wait it out & snatch it up once restocked. Well. It was restocked at least 3 times and every single time I was too bloody late. Where was Shoptagr when I needed it, damn!

Another great blogger use for this free tool is to track items you’re featuring on the blog. It’s incredibly important to keep track of broken links (which can also occur when items go out of stock or are removed from the website). Next Saturday I will show you how to find all these broken links and how to repair them before they start affecting your SEO, so keep your eyes peeled!

The Shoptagr tool is ever so simple to use – you just add a button to your browser (in a similar fashion you’d add a Pinterest or Polyvore button, see steps 1-6 below) and you can tag away! You can use the tool either on your desktop or download the app (you add the button exactly the same way as you did on the desktop version) and then you either tag items directly from your favourite websites or you can browse the list of 500+ recommended shops (including Aliexpress, Asos, Anthropologie, H&M and Zara). And if you’re a neat geek then you can arrange your items into lists – ya know, for Christmas shopping, birthdays or pay-day-treats-for-yourself.. or to watch your Black Friday finds go on sale!

Have you used Shoptagr before?
Don’t forget to check back in for next week’s Blog Cheat Sheet Saturday as I will be showing you how to tackle broken links (and how this little tool could help you with it!)

How to stop wasting time online window shoppingHow to stop wasting time online window shopping
How to stop wasting time online window shopping

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