Recreate the Pin: Eclectic Bohemian

Recreate the Pin: Bold & Bright Bohemian

Bohemian style is something my heart clings to like to nothing else. It makes my tummy goes all funny – full of butterflies – when I see a breathtaking Bohemian interior. It definitely excites me more than clean cut Scandinavian spaces or homes with sharp & crisp modern edges. I’m all for those apothecary scales and fern leaves in old beer bottles. That’s why today’s Recreate the Pin is in the name of an eclectic Bohemian. A traveller with a wild heart but cosy soul, the one that collects things & gathers them at home like a squirrel collecting nuts before winter.

The key to an eclectic balance is finding a few high quality base pieces. This living room is based around warm brown shade when it comes to the fundamentals – that kind of colour that makes you feel warm & fuzzy on the inside. They will most likely be your investment pieces – those that will last even if you switch up your style a few years (or even months) later. The large sofa I’ve picked is from West Elm but you can find very similar ones in other places, for example in IKEA.

If you prefer creating to collecting then DIY might be the thing for you here. Kristine from the Painted Hive has created this absolutely gobsmacking vintage map cabinet (see it here) from just an old chest of drawers she picked up for a tenner. You can totally do the same with the vintage wardrobe too!

Now the life of this living room is in colour. Most of these items you can find on Esprit – I know, right? I used to shop in Esprit when I was much younger, back in the Czech Republic. Their T-shirts were all there rage in the 2000s! Their new home range is really impressive though – I would even say that some pieces are very Anthropologie-esque but a little more affordable!

Foraged & Found
Finally – this one’s for the secret hoarder in you. Everything from vintage typewriters to beautiful first edition books & art deco lamps. You can go as wild as your heart desires! You could even find one of your base pieces in a pre-loved shop – they sometimes have the most beautiful leather sofas from the 1960s!

Pin link: here

Do you like this Bohemian interior design with a pop of colour?
Which pin would you like me to recreate next?

Recreate the Pin: Eclectic Bohemian
📌 DIY map cabinet (here📌 Esprit cushions (here📌 Esprit wallpaper (here📌 silver lamp with red cord (here) 📌 alphabet prints (here) 📌 vintage typewriter (here) 📌 belly planters – white (here), black (here), with pom moms (here) 📌 vintage wardrobe (here)📌 leather rocking chair (here📌 white block candles (here) 📌 white table with red legs (here) 📌 Esprit rainbow blanket (here) 📌leather sofa (here📌 floral rug (here) 📌

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