A huge Korean beauty haul

Koreanmall Korean beauty haul

Ever since BB cream became a thing in the UK (or even a little before that time) I have been obsessed with Asian beauty products. And it’s one of those obsessions that lasts – not like collecting Essie nail polishes or all the chubby sticks you can find. This trend of Korean beauty industry is time-resistant. Why? Because it’s not a whim. It’s based on a never-ending research of Korean scientists and also very, very savvy consumers. But you know what’s hard? Getting your mitts on all these products! You might know by now that I’m somewhat of an eBay expert when it comes to searching for Korean beauty products – but recently I have discovered a whole new world. It’s called Koreanmall & you can read all about it here. And today I can finally share with you my favourite products from the website – the ones that immediately caught my eye & made me click through to the checkout faster than the speed of light!

🇰🇷 Skinfood
Skinfood is most definitely up there with my top 3 favourite Korean beauty brands. It was founded in 1957 and they aim for their products to have nutritional value of food (and that’s why their packaging looks so incredibly cute & everything smells delicious!). I’ve picked up a few bits from their Black Sugar range – the Perfecting Serum, 2x Essentials pack and also the Cleansing Balm. Black sugar is less refined and more nutritious than the white sugar we’re used to which means it’s more effective for exfoliation. Now to the more unusual ingredients – the Black Sesame Hot Mask is high in anti-ageing properties & warms up when applied to your skin! It also smells like tahini, ha!

I’ve always wanted to try the vegetable inspired range of products – that’s why I’ve picked up these two toners – one is the Premium Tomato Whitening Toner & the other one is the Premium Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Toner. Especially the Lettuce & Cucumber one (with 20% of cucumber water!) smells heavenly! Like a homemade cucumber salad with vinegar and salt, served in a
the garden when the sun’s out & shining bright. Aaaah!

And of course I’ve picked up the Gold Caviar Toner because – sparkles!! This must be hands down the most beautiful product I’ve ever seen – the bottle’s made of real heavy glass and the detail is just unreal – there’s even a little angel hanging off the lid! I’ve never tried an SPF from a Korean brand so I’ve also chucked the Miracle Food 10 SPF 50 into my basket – can you believe it has SPF 50? I might need to book a holiday to be able to use it!

🇰🇷 IPKN New York
IPKN New York is a brand I haven’t heard of before but the name stands for Independent Professional Knowledgable New Yorker and has been created to cater the demanding big city life. Many of their products are detoxifying and rejuvenating, including the Peel off Pore Mask which contains green tea extract (and smells like a freshly made cuppa!).

🇰🇷 Innisfree
One of the top Korean brands Innisfree is well known across the globe. What you may have not known though is that the name Innisfree comes form a poem by WB Yeates ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’ and it is an actual place in Ireland. How interesting is that?! The brand takes on a naturalism inspired approach (after the poem) which means a lot of their product contain natural & earthy ingredients. I’ve decided to give these two a go: the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask & It’s Real Squeeze Mask with Rose & Manuka Honey. The clay mask has got clusters of volcanic matter in it which allows for a super deep cleanse and the sheet masks rehydrate & nourish.

🇰🇷 TonyMoly
Another strong Korean brand TonyMoly is known for their fantastically cute packing – and Tomatox Magic Massage Pack is no exception. It looks like a tomato, whaaaat!! You massage it into your skin after cleansing, leave for about 5 minutes and wash it off (or leave it on overnight to completely soak in) – et voila, your skin is super fresh & plump! 
I’ve also thrown in Delight Tony Tint in Cherry Pink which smells divine – like a freshly baked cherry pie!

🇰🇷 Rearar Diaforce
Eye patch masks are so ridiculously expensive here – Hydrogel Eye Patch by Rearar Diaforce are, in comparison, super affordable and they come in a pack of 60! They contain gold dust, diamonds and white flower extract (which is very precious in Asia) and you can use them not just under your eyes but also on fine lines around your mouth, nose & forehead. You can also sleep & shower with them!

🇰🇷 Son & Park
I’ve wanted this for the longest time and couldn’t find anywhere that would deliver to the UK. It’s the infamous Beauty Water developed by Son Dae-Sik & Park Tae-Yun, two ridiculously famous make-up artists from Korea. It’s one of those multifunctional products that cleanse, brighten, exfoliate and soothe all in one whilst delivering a super dewy complexion. How could I not like this!

🇰🇷 Lacvert
Lacvert, I believe, is a name of a lake in Switzerland – and also a Korean brand focusing on products containing extracts from marine plants and algae. I’ve picked up the Marine Collagen Mist to give me a much needed boost after long hours in front of the computer screen.

🇰🇷 Etude House
It wouldn’t be a Korean beauty haul without a dash of Etude House. The Precious Mineral BB Cream comes in the shade Light Beige and apart from smelling like a meadow it also provides a decent coverage. Definitely one to try if your skin is oily and you’re looking for something slightly thicker than your average BB.

🇰🇷 Skin79
And of course I had to pick up my ultimate favourite – Hot Pink BB Cream by Skin79. I reviewed this BB cream YEARS ago (read my review here) and have not looked back since. I’ve gone through multiple tubs of this and am so incredibly happy it’s back in my stash!

Have I managed to get you excited you at least half as much as I am? Koreanmall is a real gem for anyone looking for Asian beauty products (they also sell food, K-Pop & loads more!), I’ve already filled my shopping trolley half full with ditsy make-up bits and even more skincare (it’s just Christmas presents, okay?). As I’ve already mentioned in my previous post – they do FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49 which is super easy to spend with such a wide range of products to choose from!

You can find Koreanmall here:

KoreanMall: www.koreanmall.com/app/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koreanmall_official/ 

Don’t forget to check my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & Youtube (all @cityscapebliss) – there might be a cheeky giveaway popping up in the next couple of days!

Koreanmall Korean beauty haul
Koreanmall Korean beauty haul

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