Turn an old piano stool into a fluffy pouf

Upcycled piano stool DIY

She’s a bloody model, ain’t she? The little rascal! She was helping me with this quick upcycled upholstery project so I had to include her in the photoshoot, obviously. As you may have read here our little family is going through a bout of mid-life crisis and as a result we have acquired a couple of musical instruments (within a space of a few hours). One of them is this absolutely gorgeous Hickie & Hickie piano which is arguably about 100 years old. After 100 years of life even people look a little disheveled – and so does our piano. We scooped out the dust, polished the wood, wiped the keys. And I upholstered the old piano stool turning it into a fancy fluffy Pinteresty pouf!

Although it might look like a task for an afternoon or two, it took me less than an hour. What I needed was:
🎹 IKEA sheep skin rug (buy here, it’s only a tenner!)
🎹 Upholstery pins (like these)
🎹 a hammer
🎹 large scissors
🎹 a blunt knife or a pair of pliers

It depends on what your stool looks like and how it’s been made but looking it mine you can see that it already had upholstery pins in place. I took them out with a blunt knife (they pulled out very easily) but please be careful when doing this, it’s a poked out eye waiting to happen. Then I measured the stool and cut the shape out of my furry rug. Once that was done I hammered the upholstery pins back in (you can get new ones or even different coloured ones to suit your interior – I liked the vintage looking ones). Et voila! Give the rug a good brush and you’re done!

Pippin pretending she’s some sort of modern day Catmadeus!
What a tit!

Upcycled piano stool DIY
Upcycled piano stool DIY
Upcycled piano stool DIY

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